Broederschapsdag 2009

Op zondag 8 maart begonnen de deelnemers bij communiteit Sepakat te Pontianak aan te komen. Een groep van 6-8 broeders gecoördineerd door Greg en Gab ging aan de slag. Binnen een paar uren stonden er 6 tentjes klaar om de “broederschapsdag-gangers” te ontvangen

Bij de opening, maandag 9 maart om 8.00, zaten 31 broeders in een cirkel in de aula van Sepakat. Na een korte openingsliturgie geleid door Val, en de toespraak van Gab, zijn de deelnemers door Stef voorbereid op een recollectie die “broederschap” als thema had. Stef heeft als beginpunt het “kapittel tikar” van Franciscus genomen. Op de vraag “welke kenmerken heeft de MTB-broederschap”, kwamen veel punten voor: o.a. eenvoud en goed vertrouwen. Eenvoud in de verhouding onderling; de medebroeders vertrouwen en goed zelfvertrouwen.
Na de vruchtbare morgen, gingen de broeders om 3 uur 's middag, onder de brandende tropische zon, een volley-bal competitie spelen. Er waren 4 groepen door de OC (organizing committee) gevormd. Het ging niet over de kwaliteit of wel de skill, maar om de broederlijke sfeer te verhogen. Op Maandag avond zaten de broeders aan tafel verschillende games te spelen: o.a. canasta, remi, hantu, domino, schaak en rummikub.

Op de tweede dag ‘s morgen begon de evaluatie deel-1 van de bestuursvoering, begeleid door Tmas. Zoals de dag er voor, vierden de broeders ‘s middags hun broederschap met wedstrijden van pingpong en badminton. ‘s Avonds na het completorium werd er en filmpje bekeken. Dit was een facultatief program.

Woensdag 11 maart begon met evaluatie deel-2. Er werden tientallen vragen om meer informaties gesteld. Verder vele dankbetuigingen voor wat door de DPP voor de broeders verricht was. Er werden inderdaad ook kritische vragen gesteld.
Om 9.30 werd de evaluatie beëindigd hoewel er nog veel punten te bespreken waren. Maar niemand maakte bezwaar, want om 10 uur moesten de communiteiten-vertegenwoordigers aan de slag met een kookwedstrijd. Een jury van drie kwam om het koken van de broeders te beoordelen. Resultaat: uitstekend. Alle broeders en de echte 3 koks, ook de jury hebben genoten de negen schalen nasi goreng.
Ten slotte, om 5 uur in de middag werd de eucharistie gevierd om de eerste aankomst van de Broeders MTB in Borneo te herdenken; hun pionierschap te danken; Gods genade te vragen om hun missie voort te zetten.

The International Reflection Days

We started the Reflection Days in the evening of 20 October 2008 with an opening liturgy which continued by the opening speech of The Superior General our fellow brother Bram.
The participants came from the 3 provinces of the brothers of CFH, i.e: the Dutch, Brazilian and Indonesian.

After one dayful of sharing, we came together in groups to work out on the values that we have found and reviewed in the precious sessions. Here is the photo.

During the break-session we went outdoor to have some fresh cooling air. It was 14 degree Celsius. Back yard of St. Marie building, next the chapel.

Once you could find us in Eefs room.

After 3 year

On Wednesday evening (15 October 2008) together with 2 other brothers we left for Amsterdam. This means for me after nearly 3 years I would meet again my fellow brothers who were my house mates for more than 5 years.
At the Schiphol airport, in the arrival hall, we met the Bros. Bram, EQ and Piet. Relieved emotion and smiling face drove away the freezing Netherlands air for a moment.
They 're there to collect us. Only the luggages, Tim and me could take the only car which driven by EQ. The two other new-arriveds and the two other hosts had to take the train to go to Huijbergen where the mother house lies. After one and an half hour drive we joined the breakfast of the bros. of Huijbergen, our friendly foreign fellow brothers.

Have to be a good fellow brother

After 3 days I get boring to be an accompany to my poor sick brother. Spending time just sitting beside his bed, medically I can not help him much. But I am quite sure that he needs a friend to accompany him, and an intepreter if they come and ask him.

It's been a long time

It was a year ago I posted my last note. Sure many things happened during the time. Just before the Moslem day the 1rst Syawal 1426 I left the Nederland back to my born country. I stayed for several months in Yogya, in charge as the community-leader. We were 13 brothers, just both the old Brother Ew and me among the students. There was frater Fl of Malang who was taking lecture at the IPPAK, joining our community.
I am sure you have heard about the miserable earthquake of 24 May 2006 which shocked the southern part of Yogyakarta. Meanwhile weeks before the erupting world’s famous Merapi volcano threatening to explode. Just 3 day before the earthquake I moved to Pontianak of West-Kalimantan for a new assignment. There I joined the youngest community which formed last year. It is in the suburd of Pontianak.
Now I ride my bike nearly every morning to reach my-5 km-away office. Usually it is a friendly trip.

They love me, they care for me

Three days after the visit of Ha & Gra, came AnnM & Mi & Feli to visit me. Though we have met each other not long ago, even I have visited them and stayed the nights with them, they didn't want to miss any chans of seeing me again. God, my shepherd, the care you give me by means of the others, I will share it again to my fellow brothers and sister. God, you are the true love.
Yesterday we got a midday dinner, Feli, Mi, Eef, Leo, Mauro, me but AnnM who by then prefered to accompany her sick brother in the 12 km away Wouw.

to drop the animation

Today my best friend made a big improvement with the blog of multicultural religious life in the Netherlands. With tries and errors there have more photos and some animations with hiden texts been added. That was a great work, mate. You did yourself proud.

Was that not a present?

After the morning prayer, still in the corridor Cor came to me and without giving any chance to refuse it he pushed me a banknote. "To refund the photo album." Surrounded by dozens of brothers I did not dare to express my objection. The day before yesterday was her birthday. I went to congratulate her with a tiny pot of lucky bamboo promising her the album that had not been ready yet by then. The next day I gave it her and meant it as another present.

KRL in the Netherland

From Mi I get the photo-albums of the on 20th October "KRL" gathering, the Foreign Religious in The Netherland. It was in Den Bosch by the sisters of JMJ at Marienburg. There I also met Marian who came from Denekamp without the other three of the Pringsewu-s.


Milvu, how is life? Here is an inspiring and nice Dutch poem. And if someday you have more spare time after hard working in your office, you may try to search one of these lines.

Niet je hele lange leven
met je voetjes op de grond //
beetje dromen
beetje zweven
lijkt me ook niet ongezond.

Phil Bosmans =

Toon Hermans =

William J. H. Boetcker (1916)

You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.
You cannot help small men by tearing down big men.
You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.
You cannot lift the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer.
You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than your income.
You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatreds.
You cannot establish security on borrowed money.
You cannot build character and courage by taking away a man's initiative and independence.
You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves.

Thanks to Arjunprabhu

You are still making use the gratis HOTMAIL but your account stick to 2MB and you cannot incease it to 250MB as it had to be? Thanks to the creative Arjunprabhu, I refer you to his recomendation. I have proved its efficacy and so did Mi, my best friend.
Q*= Goodness is the only investment that never fails.

Mi's akai MP5856ED

Mi's akai

My soul-mate takes care very very much of me. And this one what I have received. Once I told 'm that one can make use of such equipment as an education device in improving his of her skill of foreign language. O God - my Lord. How wonderful is your LOVE, the care that you show me by means of the others. The device will be hanging at my breast near by my heart.

  • Blessed are you, O God, our life, our health, our salvation. You look with mercy on your people; you sow in us a saving faith, that believing, we may be healed,and being healed, we may worthily give you thanks. For these and all your mercies, we praise you, Allmighty and Allknowing God.

Q*= Friendship makes prosperity more shining and lessens adversity by sharing it.

An AKAI product, with main feature as follows:
Built in 256MB Flash Memory
MP3 and WMA Playback
FM Radio : Listening and Recording
Direct MP3 Encoding
Voice Recording on MP3 Format
3-line graphic LCD Display with 7 Colour Background
ID3 Tag Display
Data Storage
Long Playing Time : 16 Hours
USB Cable
Line-in Cable
Installation Software
Carrying Bag AAA Battery

Albert and Wiwin

During the weekend I spent a couple of days by visiting some acquaintances of mine. After the first stop by the the sisters in Ter Eem, on Saturday with Feli and Mar, I went to Hengelo to handover a packet to Len. There we saw the first time her oriental shop that provides Indonesian food materials. She runs it together with other two friends.
Then again with the NS-train we went to Wiwin, an Indonesian woman who merried a Dutch man, Albert. They just moved to Almelo from Utrecht. They have been merried for more than 10 years and have 3 sons, Richard, Hendrik and uhmm forget one. The last two are twins.
In the Saturday evening we made a very nice canasta game. Silvestra as my partner, we couldnot win Feli and Mar.
On Sunday afer the mass I met many sister and specially Mary Louis who is very kind to me. She has ever asked me to do favor for her by making use her alms. Before leaving them, Mar pushed me accept her present as a memory of our friendship, because she is looking forward that we will be apart in distance after my going-back to Indonesia.
From Ter Eem I continued my trip to Ijselsstein. Ra had two visitors when I came in. It is Ramadhan, we were in purpose to break the fastingday together with her. Ikan pepes of makreel she made, was delicious. Because of headache I refused to join her to visit Bunga and Ilham and Sari, although she has tried to persuade me with empek-mpek.
This morning I left Ra's house for the Airport Schiphol to say good bye to Bra who was going back to Indonesia. After the in-checking and coffee with EQ I went home with train that would go to the Vlissingen. Eymard collected us from Roosendaal and drove us to Huijbergen.
Q*= The world is now too small for anything but brotherhood.

EQ will go there with Bra

After the closing of the General Chapter we are, all the members of the congregation now looking forward to the second part of the three provincial chapters respectively in the Nederland on 9th October, Indonesia on 22nd October and in Brasil 13rd November 2005. Unofficially Bra has asked me to stay at least untill both of them back to Huijbergen, i.e. at the beginning of November 2005. Meanwhile I am able to do something preparatory reading to help the sister of PMY or the Daughters of Marie and Joseph who will run their chapter in January 2005 in Central Java.


Every aircraft that will take off has to be ready for fly. Unless it is airworthy no authority will give it permission to go. I am not any kind of the aircraft. But after more than 10 years never take the general medical check-up, I want to get some actual indication about my health. Now I think it is a good time to make it. After the council period is over and before getting the new asignment, for sure in Indonesia, I ask bro. Huub to arrange it for me.
Last week they have made something with my eyes. Tomorrow they will give me another check, gezichtsveld. They say I have to give my reaction if the light in the room becomes stronger.
By the way, I have been twice by the therapeutic agent to get help for my stiff neck. For the last 8 months I fell my neck and shoulders tighten.

the chapter 2005

After a week general chapter we 've got the new General Council. As foreseen by the lobbying Bram becomes the GenSup replacing EdQ who is now as the ViceGenSup. And Piet is the 3nd member of the council.

Finally the chapter that started on Monday the 19th September 2005, ended on the expected time. In the first two days it went very very slow. I mean there were so many unnecessary debate. Before the first session on Friday, in the gathering of the steering-commitee I said aloud to be optimist that the new council election will be finish in the afternoon. However by the coffee pause I lost my optimism.
Praise the Lord, that we could finally finish it in on time. On 16.40 the election was accomplished. And after a short speech of the new GenSup, we ended it with the eucharist celebration in our chapel lead by LeoT.


a weekfull

Mi, it was a weekfull wherein I didn't hear your voice. I believe, however, that the angel who I sent always keeps whispering you her beautiful night song during your dream. And her wings never reluctant to sweep your unvoluntary tears.

Stepping up the control

Since early Friday midday the security control at all train and metro stations in Amsterdam and Rotterdam was been boosted. Though there was not a concrete terrorist threatening, said the authorities, there was enough indication indeed to step up the regulation.
The police and the public transportations put an extra control and all the employees have to be extra alert. All the passengers were asked to keep an eye on their bags and luggages, and to report the suspecting situation.

Very early
Tomorrow the KL 810 that brings the five bros is expected to land at Schiphol at 05.40 a.m. Will Bram be able to be there in time? There is no possibility from Roosendaal, but maybe there is from The Haag.

They concern about me

Rat called me when I was on line listening to Mi, who was sharing her exhausting vacation trip to Rome. Ra worried about my outgoing period of staying here in the Nederland. "I will lose my bro", she whispered. Wait till the chapter will have finished. It will take place on 19-24 September 2005.

Here and there

Early this morning I phoned my fellow bros in Ponti trying to get the flight number by which the 5 bros will fly to the Nederlands. Though the departure just in two days they know nothing about it. Ashame!? No, not at all. They are really faithful people who put everything just in the DP (divina providentia, Goddelijke Voorzieningheid). Meanwhile, here we are going to arrange who and when will go to the airport to pick them up. Yeah, we live in the other world indeed.
Yul told me that Piet is going to Jakarta and will inform us the details when he will have got them.

What makes you anxious?

You know? If you want to get some information and then you send a (electrical) mail to several related persons hoping that at least one of them will respons you. Does it work just simple as you think? Each of them assumes that the other would has done it.
On 1st September and again on 6th September 2005 I sent email to the 5 bros, Piet, Lois, Bie, Greg, Bona asking them their flight number. They will leave Jakarta for the Nederland on 9th September. Considering that for such big group we need at least two cars to pick them up, we are going to make an appointment for it. I'm not on pins and needles at all. But the bros surrounding me have a little on edge, kind of edgy, not relaxed.

Out Going
Before lunch EQ took us away to the Station Roosendaal. Bram would go to visit Frans & Anita in The Haag, and I had to join the gathering of the Missiprocuratoren in Tilburg.
Having spare time I made a stop at Irene & Martin.
At the station.

The arrival

Yesterday afternoon EQ went to Schiphol to pick up our three fellow brothers. I stayed home since he was accompanied by Bertrand's bro of Zundert. They would come from Caceres via Sao Paulo and Paris with the flight of Varig RG 8720. But the plane did not fly further than Paris. After more than 2 hours delay finally they arrived at Schiphol with AF 2240.
Bert went directly to Huijbergen meanwhile Gum and Maurit went to their families.
We always enjoy your visits, bros. Welcome! You are right as rain. We'll never wear out our welcome.

Bloemencorso 1
Bloemencorso 2
Bloemencorso 3
Bloemencorso 4

By the Tigris River

On 31th August 2005 a big crowd of people packed into the Kadhimiya shrine by the river of Tigris to mark the death in 799 of Musa al-Kadhim, 7th Imam or successor to Prophet Mohammed. Then spread a panic through the crowd because of rumours of a possible suicide bombing.
How you could survive in a stampede?

The tremendous Katrina

New Orleans pounded by hurricane.
Hurricane Katrina is pummelling New Orleans with howling gusts and blinding rain, after sweeping ashore over the southern Louisiana coast.
The storm has knocked out power and submerged part of the low-lying city in up to 6ft (2m) of rising water.
Katrina has torn part of the roof of a stadium, where many sought refuge.
Mississippi and Alabama are also being pounded by the violent storm, which weakened as it swept inland, but brought winds of 105mph (170km/h). 29 August 2005. See more pictures.

Still in progress

Have to say sorry for the inconvenient look of this page that still in progress is.The icons and the pics that ever been there have gone away driven by the tsunami of the yahoo's geocities.

my pentax

On the way home after staying the weekend at TerEem, I made a stop at Schiphol shopping-center since I have had to wait for the next connection of my train. There I got my Pentax 50 by a sale. For it’s category it was cheap like borsch. Really it's dirt cheap.
Q=* Shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist.

Thanks Lord

I heard again and again that Cor very satisfied with her first trip to Indonesia. Thank you God, for your ‘divina providentia’.

Home again

Tuesday at 09.00 o’clock we left Pati for Amsterdam. It’s a long long journey indeed. Gre drove us to the airport of Semarang. On the way we made a stop by Yor, at her office in Jl. Kawi. After lunch at her community we went on. By the GA251 we got Jakarta’s airport at nearly 4 pm. And after a long waiting with the flight SQ167 of 20.15 we flew to Singapore. There we got a good connection, didn’t have to wait long time, we flew further to Amsterdam with SQ324. At 6.35 am the next day, that was yesterday, we arrived in the Nederland. The old neighbour of Cor picked us up from the Schiphol and took us home. About 9 o’clock a.m. (= after about 29 hours on trip), just before our Cor came to begin her work, I entered my room.

Bad news

I have made some appointments for the next weekend. Pay a visit to Le & Dar, to Denekamp, to Ijselstein getting some Rat's parcels for her sister Lis in Yogya, and to stay the night by my fellow sisters in Amersfoort. But alas, I read this morning papers that they are going to strike on the very Friday. Do you think an angel will come down tomorrow from heaven to stop the devil's plan?
Op vrijdag 17 juni rijden er waarschijnlijk geen treinen. Op die dag voeren vakbonden actie tegen spoorbeheerder ProRail vanwege een CAO-conflict. ProRail is een zelfstandig bedrijf dat namens de overheid zorgdraagt voor onderhoud en beheer van het spoorwegnet. Ook is het bedrijf verantwoordelijk voor de railverkeersleiding die het treinverkeer in Nederland aanstuurt. Door de staking bij ProRail kan NS zeer waarschijnlijk geen treinen rijden en u helaas niet naar uw bestemming brengen. Dit geldt ook voor internationale treinen. NS betreurt dat treinreizigers speelbal worden van een conflict tussen ProRail en bonden.

Uri Geller’s unusual power

He was born in 1946 and claims when he was four years old that he had a mysterious encounter with a sphere of light while in a garden near his house, in Israel. He first became aware of his "unusual powers" when he was five. He claims that during a meal his spoon curled up in his hand and broke, although he had applied no physical pressure to it. Geller is one of the main attractions of the Wrexham festival which is expected to attract over 15,000 visitors. The event - which runs for a week and starts on 18 March - has been billed as the biggest science festival in England and Wales. More.

Today Le sent me her collection of Wijayakusumah in pictures.

Sure they had known that it was punishable

The Tangerang District Court sentenced Zulfiqar Ali, 41, a Pakistani citizen, to death on Tuesday for drug trafficking. The panel of judges presided over by Suprapto said that Zulfiqar was guilty of trying to traffic 300 grams of heroin through the Soekarno-Hatta airport to Surabaya on August 28, 2004. Ali, arrested along with his Indonesian girlfriend last August, proved to be a member of an international narcotics network syndicate, the judge said. As part of Indonesia's pledge to get tough on growing drug offenses, death sentences have been given to at least 32 people, mostly foreigners, since 2000, even though none of the sentences have thus far been carried out.

The Australian Corby
An Indonesian court sentenced a young Australian beauty therapist to 20 years in jail on Friday for smuggling 4.1 kg of marijuana into the holiday island of Bali in a case that has transfixed Australia. Lawyers for Schapelle Corby, 27, said they would appeal the verdict, which triggered outrage from her family and thrust Bali under the spotlight with Indonesia's police chief labelling it a hub for international drug trafficking syndicates. "The panel of judges declares the defendant legally and convincingly guilty of the crime of illegal importation of narcotics," chief judge Linton Sirait told a hearing that was watched live in Australia. (By Tomi Soetjipto).

After 4 months

Finally the jury has acquitted Michael Jackson. Mr Jackson's former wife Debbie Rowe, who defended the star in court, said she was "overjoyed that the justice system really works". And there were many of his fans standing in front of the court celebrated his acquittal. UK-based psychic Uri Geller, a friend for a number of years, said he was "so pleased" by the verdict.
"I'm trembling, this is so important. He did not let down his fans and all the people that love him. He went through hell and now the nightmare is over," he told the Associated Press news agency. More.

You there

Faz's mom of Jakarta phoned me this afternoon. You may call it by accident, but I really want to tell you that she was in my mind in these days. Even yesterday I got watching their picture for a moment. It was Faz in a horse-cart on way home from his kindergarten. I hadn't told her that I will go to Jakarta this month. By then I let her know about my coming trip. I'm not sure that I will have enough time to meet her family during this visit. In any case I'm delighted that she and her family make progress in their life.

Replied Bra's email asking my approving of the correction he has made on the chapter IV. We are in coordination of translating the book "Huijbergen en de Uiteinden der Aarde". I gave my approval without reading it again. Firstly regardless who he is I should trust anyone who has to do the correction. Secondly there is in the world no absolute right expression of anything. What we have is frequenly a tiny or an half truth. Though two parties have different opinions, you may say that both of them have partly truth. Hope that our work will give some advantages to many brothers.

My guests

Last weekend we had guests, a couple of Gra and Ha. They arrived late in the evening round 10.30 pm on Friday. The next day we went by train to the Antwerp. I have just been finish uploading their pictures on the GeocitiesYahoo taken during their stay here in Huijbergen. I hope that they are able to enjoy these photos.

idle hands are the devil's tools

As poor people, the brothers and sisters to whom the Lord has given the grace of serving or working with their hands, should do so faithfully and conscientiously. Let them avoid that idleness which is the enemy of the soul. But they should not be so busy that the spirit of holy prayer and devotion, which all earthly goods should foster is extinguished. (TOR 18)
=> And you say it Idle hands are the devil's tools.

Leaving the chapel this moring brother Al asked me when I will leave for Jakarta. It will be on 24 June. So I am looking forward now the days of the chapter that will take place in Pontianak. Beforehand with EQ to Putussibau for a couple of days.

Have to call Ha of Gasperdam to get his confirmation of visiting us this weekend.

Pi has asked me to help him how to deal with his email. Think I can do him a favor during the lunch pause.

Q* = A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away.

It's also an exercise

Just come back from Hogerheide by bike. Had to make a new passport photo, since they (who work in the vreemdelingen-dienst in Zwolle) did not accept my previous one that was taken last year. No, I am not going to say a damn word here, because it does not make up my heart at all, neither will they read it.

What can you find out from it?
On BBC I saw a woman exemines the weaving machines at ShanghaiTex 2005 exhibition. Is she counting the needles or probably trying to get back her hairpin?

Having a look of the Filipino nanny reminds me to Indonesian TKWs who also go especially to the Midle East to be a housemaid.

hope it be beter

Get knowing more about how the yahoo-photo works, I make an update to my blog. Some old links to the photo album might be renewed. Milv told me that the previous background was dazzling. Now you can see the difference especially by its heading.

My tablemate

Ewa's been here in the Nederland for more than 4 weeks, waiting for a call to make his eyes operation. During the midday meal we sit opposite each other. It seems that with him I might do pulling his leg. He has a good sense of humor.

Waiting for Yul's attempt.
A couple of days ago I sent Yul an email asking him to book the tickets for Jkt-Ptk. He's promised me that, but before having them in hand I'm still in alert to have an alternative way, or asking someone else for help. In any case I don't want just crying wolf.

That's you

Lord, my loved one.
Every day, I check to see what's in my email from you. I would never miss a day! Not only do you inspire me with your lovely soundless voice, but you also brighten my day with the songs brought by the wind. In somehow Your greetings allow me to start my day with a smile. I appreciate how you present each heart-warming message with your beautiful backgrounds.

Now is his time.
One of our fellow brothers, Ant, who had been for along time in his wheel chair, has passed away. Good man. He always wrote me by some occasions. Despite his paralyzation, he just simply put his readable warm message on a card. From now on brother, you can push your chair easily smoothly along the sky path.

Try to get back my old skill

Inspirated by the way of Sr. Marg who did the minutes for the Dutch Province Chapter, I begin to make trainning of my shorthand. I do say my shorthand, because I do it in my own way. I have been adapting the Karundeng system in latin alphabet. And it works. O sorry, I should have to say, it worked!
It looks to me that easier to do it with pen than on my computer. Have to get a beter word-processor program so that I can set some adjustment on the macro shortcut keys.


International Fraciscan Conference.
In advance the Pantecost, 8-13 May me and EdQ went to join the International Congres of IFC-TOR. It was held at the hotel Domus Pacis, just below the Assisi two and half an hour by train away from Rome where stands the St. Peter's Cathedral.
There came more than 100 superiors and we were all together about 200 participants. The IFC holds such event regularly every 4 years. We come together not only to form the next board but also to make a kind of recollection days.
Sister Daria of India presented her paper on The Trinity.
At the last session they chose Sr. Anisia S. of Brasil to be the next president. She is the mother superior of the sisters OSF who handle the Hospital Elizabeth in Semarang.
(See pictures Album 1 2 3 4)


On Saturday evening 24 April 2005 I attended the engagement party of Diyah and Erick in Almere Haven. A poor and lucky Diyah. In her young age she has to suffer from severe deases that makes her omong other loses her hairs. She looked however very beautiful that nigth. I wish you a happy mariage. May God the All-know guide both of you in his purifying way.
I spent that night at the van-Ee family. Because it had been very late go to bed, the next morning I woke up nearly at 11 am.

An Utility
On the way home I made a stop in Rotterdam. It was a nice sunny Sunday and there was a reasonable big crowd walking down the city. It’s not by accident when I got a mp3 player at the Media Market. There was a huge pile of a new product of it which has 128 MB capacity, and it cost nearly peanuts. Don’t misunderstand me, please, I will make use of it for improving my second language skill rather than for aan entertainment.

just after the rush hour

Early this morning in Japan, a train has derailed and hit a building, killing 49 people and injuring about 300. The commuter train came off the tracks at Amagasaki near Osaka, 410km (255 miles) west of Tokyo, and one carriage rammed into a building. Some passengers said the train appeared to have been travelling too fast and began to shake before it derailed. One said that the train overran a stop at the previous station and so it backtracked, so the driver was likely in a hurry because the train was running late.

Pope Benedict XVI

The new Pope has been chosen from what could be termed the traditional side of the Catholic Church. To some, he heralds intellectual salvation during a time of confusion and compromise. To others, his record as Pope John Paul II's prefect of doctrine showed the then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger to be an intimidating "Enforcer", punishing liberal thinkers, and keeping the Church in the Middle Ages.
Against dissent
While many theologians strive for a Catholic Church that is more open and in touch with the world around it, the new Pope's mission has in the past seemed to entailing stamping out dissent, and curbing the "wild excesses" of this more tolerant era.
As prefect of doctrine, Pope Benedict wielded the tools of his office with steely efficiency. By influencing diocese budgets, bishops' transfers and even excommunications, what an opponent called "symbolic violence", the then Cardinal clamped down on the more radical contingent of the Church.
He has even claimed the prime position of the Church of Rome over other Christian Churches. Although he has apologised for this, he has never been so contrite about excluding liberation theologians, more progressive priests or those in favour of the ordination of women.
Personally charming, quick-witted and fluent in four languages, the new Pope is a convincing orator. Jesuit Father Thomas Reese calls him "a delightful dialogue partner", but adds that most of the Pope's fellow clergy would be too worried about the prospect of excommunication to enjoy talking to him.
When Pope Benedict served the Second Vatican Council for three years from 1962, he supported reform. His own background, however, perhaps sheds light on his need for a Church that stands firm against the currents of change and political shifts.
Schooled in the Nazis' power of rhetoric during his childhood in Bavaria, the Pope later deserted the German Army during World War II, only to be sent to a POW camp when the Allies reached his hometown.
Later, as an eminent theologian lecturing at Germany's premier faculties, he was horrified by the Marxist ideologies that punctuated campus small talk in the late 1960s.
"Papal fundamentalism"
Pope Benedict has consistently pursued doctrine that can endure, independent of cultural or social trends. He argues that only with a completely separate values system can the Church offer individual freedom. His critics call this "papal fundamentalism", but the Pope is unflappable in his personal theology.
He has claimed that "everything falls apart without truth". It is now his role to unite the Catholic Church under his strong, principled vision.

What do they say about him?

what for the conclave?

The idea of locking up the cardinals was originally a way of speeding up the election.
In modern times, conclaves have been relatively quick affairs. In the 20th Century, none lasted longer than five days. You have to go back to 1831 to find the last marathon, which lasted 54 days.
But that was quick compared with some earlier conclaves.
The unique system for electing a pope has evolved over centuries. After the death of St Peter, the clergy and people of Rome took it on themselves to choose his successor.
It was a recipe for anarchy and bloodshed. In 366, with the Holy Spirit notably absent, rival mobs massacred their opponents by the hundred.
After the eighth century, the choice was made purely by the Roman clergy... in theory at least. Powerful families continued to influence the election, with money and threats.
In 1059, perhaps in desperation, the job of electing the Pope was handed over to the cardinal bishops.
In 1179, all cardinals were given voting rights, and the two-thirds majority rule was introduced.
Locked up
The practice of locking up the cardinals dates from 1243. The word conclave comes from the Latin to lock up "with a key".

A Roman senator thought that by confining the clerics to a crumbling "palace" at the height of summer, he would encourage them to reach a quick decision.
The squalid conditions were accompanied by brutal threats.
By the time the cardinals staggered out, two months later, one of their number had died, and the new Pope expired 16 days after his election.
Worse was to come.
The longest conclave in Church history resulted in a wait of two years and nine months before the election of a new pope.
It began in 1268 in the town of Viterbo, north of Rome, and it soon became apparent the cardinals were in no hurry to reach a decision.
After two years had elapsed, local people became so impatient that they tore off the roof of the palace where the cardinals were staying.
Bread and water
Whether it was to allow in the Holy Spirit or the rain is not clear, but the voters began to suffer.
Two cardinals died, and a third was forced to leave the conclave because he became so ill.
Eventually, in 1271, the new pontiff emerged, and took the name Gregory X.
Clearly scarred by the experience, he gave orders that in future the cardinals' rations should be gradually reduced once they were in conclave.
After five days, they would have to survive on bread and water. This would, he thought, concentrate their minds.

That rule was soon ignored, but by 1274 the system of closed conclaves had been established. It survives to this day, as one of the oldest forms of democratic election in the world.
Yet over the centuries, conclaves continued to drag on interminably, and the time spent by the cardinals pondering their choice did not guarantee that the right man would be chosen.
Better quarters
In 1294, the cardinals elected a hermit who became Celestine V. He quickly realised he was not up to the job and resigned.
What made the conclave experience worse was that they frequently took place in summer, when living conditions in closed buildings became intolerable.
In 1623, eight cardinals and forty of their assistants died of malaria.
But by keeping the electors shut off from the outside world, it did became harder for foreign powers to influence the election.
During the 20th Century, cardinals were given makeshift "cells" in the Apostolic Palace. They had to sleep on hard beds, and stumble around in the darkness, looking for bathrooms.
Having taken part in both the conclaves of 1978, John Paul II decided the cardinals deserved better quarters.
So they now have purpose-built accommodation, not unlike a modern hotel. It may not be the last word in luxury, but there are pleasant rooms with all mod cons.
But if the cardinals are too comfortable, maybe they will not be in such a rush to make up their minds.
Hopefully we will not have to starve them out.

conclave = locked with key

The 115 cardinals from 42 countries Saturday will head to the Casa Santa Marta Hotel, where they will be housed throughout the conclave.
This will be an event in live on tv.
At 10 a.m. Monday, a Mass will be held. But the conclave itself will not begin until 4:30 p.m., when the cardinals go to the Sistine Chapel. They then will be sworn in, with each cardinal pronouncing his name and putting his hands on the Bible. Among the things they swear to is absolute secrecy.
Following the swearing-in, everyone not participating in the conclave is ordered to leave the chapel. At least one vote likely will take place Monday, but squeezing in two might be difficult.
If no one wins the two-thirds majority necessary to be elected pope in the first vote, the cardinals will return the following morning and the days thereafter, until a winner can be proclaimed.
A set timetable will be followed on the other days of the conclave.
At 7:30 a.m., a Mass will be held in the hotel.
At 9 a.m., the cardinals will be in the chapel.
Two votes will take place in the morning, and two in the afternoon, beginning at 4 p.m., he said.
After each vote, the ballots are burned in a stove at the Sistine Chapel with the smoke announcing whether a pope has been elected.
The morning smoke will probably appear about noon, with the afternoon smoke about 7 p.m.
In addition, bells will also be rung to announce that a pope has been elected -- a new signal decreed by John Paul II, who hoped to avoid the confusion at his election in 1978 when the smoke appeared gray.
If three days pass with no pope, cardinals will take a day of reflection and prayer before balloting resumes. If no one has the required majority after about 30 votes, a simple majority will suffice.
"Conclave" refers to a locked section of the Vatican where the cardinals remain until they have elected a new pope. The word conclave derives from Latin -- cum + clavis -- and means "locked with key."

Contemplation and Mission

Next month I 'll join the IFC- conference. There will be discussed among others the trinity and communion - communication.

Human Trinitarian mission is not a certain amount of measurable information to be communicated, taught or handed over. It is an integration of communion and communication. It is missioning - by presence (communion) and word (communication) - of God’s everlasting revealing, coming and dwelling.
It is said that mission is fundamentally an inner transformation which allows us to see what is really there to see, to experience the humble God living in us, and us as living in God. Mission is choosing to have our eyes opened to the world and to hope in the Reign of God that is around us. It is a disposition towards peace and justice, desiring to see all as it is intended to be by God.
Trinity as family.
The human family, created in God’s image and likeness, is at the same time a reflection of the Holy Trinity. The life of the trinity and the life of the Church are intimately related. Humans, too, realise fully their own personality when they enter into personal relationship with others. If the Trinity is the teaching about God’s life with us and our life with each other, then patriarchy, all forms of ppression and all forms of unjust relationships are unequivocally antithetical to our understanding of God who is community.
While traveling through the world "let the brothers and sisters be gentle, peaceful and unassuming, mild and humble, speaking respectfully to all in accord with their vocation. In this way they establish peace and communion among themselves and among others.
The preyer-filled union of the abbess and of the sisters of San Damiano radiated love, joy, peace, despite the austerity of their life. It is the same kind of brotherly-sisterly-motherly love that we are invited to show each brother or sister of ours in the family.

di KPU ada Koruptor Pemilihan Umum

Anti-corruption Commission has taken the second investigation linked to the bribe commited by the alleged briber Mulyana W. Kusumah, a member of KPU. KPU is the very Indonesian institution to regulate and to hold the election.
On 8 April 2005 they arrested him when he was trying to offer the second half of Rp 300 millions to the public accountant/auditor Khairiansyah of BPK.
Many students took an action in Jakarta to support the anti-corruption movement. They gave the KPU a pair of rats that simbolize the corruptors who have stolen the people's money.

15 4 2005 14:05

Vrede en alle goed voor jullie

Lekenzuster Meijer moet het klooster Ter Eem in Amersfoort binnen twee weken verlaten. Dat heeft de rechter in Utrecht donderdag bepaald in het kort geding dat de congregatie van de Zusters van Onze Lieve Vrouw in Amersfoort had aangespannen.
De president van de rechtbank oordeelde dat de rust in het klooster ernstig is verstoord en dat niet van het klooster kan worden verlangd dat het Meijer nog langer gastvrijheid verleent. Het belang van rust en sereniteit dient te prevaleren, stelde de preseident.
De rechter bepaalde dat Meijer wel toegang moet krijgen tot de gebouwen waar haar hulporganisatie Serafim is gevestigd.
De rechter was van mening dat de associatieovereenkomst op basis waarvan Meijer in het klooster woont, haar niet dezelfde rechten geeft als een huurovereenkomst of een arbeidsovereenkomst. De kloosterorde heeft een redelijke opzegtermijn gehanteerd en de hulporganisatie kan gewoon door met haar werk, vond de rechter.
De advocaat van Meijer is 'geschokt' door de uitspraak. Ze weet nog niet of ze tegen deze uitspraak in hoger beroep zal gaan. Er loopt nog wel een bodemprocedure, waarin een andere rechter de zaak nog eens diepgaand zal bekijken.

football of MILAN

The Italian Milan has two worldwide famous football clubs. AC Milan and Internazionale or Inter Milan. What do you think if the two clubs have to play against each other? Imagine that you were a citizen of Milan. You should proud of both of them, I dare say. But what has happened on 12 April 2005?
Bottles and flares rained in the field around the penalty area of AC Milan, and the goal keeper was hit by a flaming flare in the 73rd minute.
You can get it by means of this pictures story. or this BBC's news.

The second wedding

They say that William and Harry, the sons of Princess Diana, decorated the wedding car, a Bentley, which drove the newly-weds their father Prince Charles and Camilla to start their honeymoon. They had penned "Prince + Duchess" and "Just Married".


There will be 9 mourning days in sequent, a novendiali. The next day the conclave of the cardinals will begin in the Sistine Chapel to choose a new pope.
Get some actual catholic news here.

the funeral of John Paul II

Marvelous, the respons that the people spontaneously show on the death of the Pope John Paul II. People all over the world, more than 2 millions, have been paying tribute to Pope John Paul II, who died on 2 April, and sharing their memories. They let the body "the saint" liying in state for three days at the plane of St. Peter's Cathedral.
He will be buried in the cryptorium in a three fold coffin of cypress wood, zinc and oak wood.

See and join the atmosphere there. Some other photos. More photos.
The homily by Mgr. Ratzinger the Cardinal.
More than 200 heads of state attend the humble funeral according to the Catholic rite.

Find the diagram of the St. Peter's square here and other more information about it.

The snow that comes in March

In these two days we get so many snow that never happened in the last 20 years. Thousands of passingers have to stay at the Schiphol airport. I see them in the tv-news lying on the floor waiting for the unfixed flight to their home.

in the weekend

A couple days ago my housemate left for Brazil and so I am home alone. But it’s not the reason that this weekend I went to pay a visit to the sisters spm who live in the northern of the country. I miss them, and they want to learn how to manage the web-site for the congregational use. Whay not? I am able, and I will help every body with pleasure in God’s love. The knowledge is not belong to me. If I share it, it doesn’t decrease from my head and nothing fades away.
Last Saturday was very cold, but fortunately didn’t rain. So I made a stop halfway in Rotterdam to take a walk from the trein station to the old part of the city, the Blaak, and made some amateur photographs, that you can play it in slide-show.
This afternoon on my way back home I called Hen to pick me up at the Roosendaal station. I managed to be home in line with my plan and join the Sunday evening prayer which we make usually in a very solemn Gregorian style.
Thanks- Hen. Good Luck- Fel. Thanks- Milvu. We praise you always and every hour, Lord, my creator.

I 've got them

For the coming Chapter I have got 4 interpreters, Gerda, Jan, Leo en Jo. I think there are a good composition, a sister, the brothers and a lay people. The only one lay man is also an Indonesian. That is one of my reason to have him among the others.
It will likely be 5 Indonesian brothers, inclusive the Prov.minister, participate our next Chapter. I suppose that one them is Bram who needs not an interpreter.

I consider you as my mom

Sunday afternoon I visited Cor the first time this year 2005. Just before entering her house, I saw her through the front window sitting by the small round table. As usual I am welcome. In our chat I got a piece of her youth time. Cor, frankly say, I don’t dare to take in such long trip to Indonesia. But maybe someday something will change my mind, some second opinions will encourage me. Then you will meet Eva and Anna, or also Hendy.

100th Anniversay of the Missionary

At nine p.m. we (EQ, Leo, Domi, Angelus and me) left for Tilburg. EQ drove us and just before entering the city Leo had to guide him. Just only a couple of months ago Leo and me have been there by the Capuchins to attend the funeral of P. Secundus. Today we will join their celebration of 100 anniversary of the missionary to Indonesia. I meet some old faces like Ernest, Paul, Frans (who I knew when I was a student at DP in LA), P. Harry, P. Kerubin, P. Bertus, the sister of Veghel Marie Gertrud, Roberta, Rafael, Gerda, Accursia, Ermina; and make some new acquaintances with Yohanes, Martinus (both are of CMM), Mariana, Theresia (both are of SCMM). Mariana showed me two photo albums of the by the tsunami devastated area of Aceh and Nias. She has taken al of them self during her visit. There I met also the outstanding P. Savio who I have never met before.
To my surprise we did not celebrate it in Eucharist.

I feel it sorry, sister!

Yesterday would be a nice Sunday evening if I didn’t get bad news from both Henny and Teguh. Hen, my little sister, be courage to take the consequenses of this life. Let it go and you will make a chance to get a better one. A grown-up should dare in making a judgement. Teguh, god is Love. So love your partner, your ex-partner or anyone else who has made you upset. Both of you, cann’t you learn from this Annisa story?

The disaster that brings up the chain of hearts

meulabo in photos under the Tsunami 2004.
daily life in Aceh two weeks after.
tsunami 2004 of Srilangka in photos.
hope after the devastating tsunami.

Disaster that happed on the second Xmas

O Lord, My God
The hands you give me can do nothing! The tongue in my lips can say noword. My heart cries in its voicelessness.
More than 100,000 people are believed dead in Aceh and Northern Sumatra, while some 500,000 people are sheltering in scattered refugee camps across the province, the UN estimates. Tsunami aftermath.
Six months later.

The Last Day..
by Alia

All in Seven Minutes
by Alia


After a long long trip from Sao Paulo via Paris, I got Schiphol at about midday. Eymard took us home to Huijbergen. In Caceres I joined the brothers celebrating the jubilee which took place in the cathedral.
Ciao, Marly Fatima Ferreira e Marcilia Goncalves Ferreira.
Other photos.

The first gathering of GC and prov-superiors

This afternoon should has been a historic day. We hold the join-gathering of the General Council and the three Provincial Superiors of CFH, for the first time. That is after 5 years of the 6-year-period of the board. These are present: EQ, TB, Mau, Mich, Gum, PH.

till the end of the world

Together with Ang, Piet, Mau, we pack more than 400 books in envelopes. That is our new book "Huijbergen en de uiteinden der aarde". .. the end of the world.

While taking up some photos of the tent that will be used for the tomorrow party, Piet de cock asked me to help him picking up a table to put it in the tent. And I did it with plesure.

I call it a day

My heart jumps for joy when I receive the email from Greg, telling me that he is satisfied with the celebration of 150th anniversary of the congregation. He got much support from the church people of Pati. "They still recognize the existence of the brothers", he writes. I mean however, that he has been recovering from his up-set.

Solie sends me a message that they (with her husband) cancell our appointment. They would come to visit me, in this lonely village, to let me take away a packet for elle.
I hope what ever has interfered them not too bad.

Joining the SBCN group, today I visit the Sophia, a hospital for children in Rotterdam. From there we go on to the slum neighborhood Millinxstraat.

"I am really sorry, Hart. I had phoned you lastnight and could not get your answer, and so I didnot go to you this evening to keep my word". Can we make it another time?

Adin and Taufan and

I see guys, that both of you have been making significant progress.

Would like to see their photo album?
Can you click this photo?
Or the list of these photos?

English Idiom

This is a very useful web for English students.
There had ever been a very helpful web of English Idiom by Wayne Magnuson. But they have put it away and I don't have any idea why. Here below you have some examples:

  • Have you seen "The Ring of Lord"? It's not half bad, actually.
  • Bring your better half when you visit us. We'd like to meet her.
  • Shake a leg or you'll be late for work. Hurry!

Here below you can get many useful tip to improve your pronunciation.

dictionary English=

idiom English


spreekwoord Nederlands=

When I feel really rough

I received some photos picked up in Amersfoort a couple of weeks ago.
The last one reminds me to someday when with Hans and Gr we drove to Ter Eem. Then I was really in bad shape. How my head ached! And I was not able to go on to Ijsselstein. I will however never be sorry for the day.
Oh, that was 5 month ago and untill now I have not visited Sa yet. It's not only my negligence. She cancelled our appointment several times due to her new job.

one day in Brussel

Here is the album that we made in Brussel the capital of EU on the 19th of June 2004. With Made and Ev, we went there by train. The sightseeing from the the high-land in front of the Justice Building was very very exciting.
We followed the advice of the go-round-the-city of Brussel.
It had been a long time I did not spend the time together with Ev.

The jubilee

What a solemn party we had a couple of day ago. Two bisshops and nearly all of the other were religious, sisters and brothers of many congragation. It was the jubilee of 150 year of our congration, the CFH. Congragation Frater of Huibergen. I was and am very glad that Irene and her husband were there. She represented the KKI. Here I mention just some other names, Gerda, Accur, Raphael, Guido, Adolf. Marian told me that she was ordered to be here by Alfonsa.
Want to see some shoots?
Here you are =>

What have I done today?

I was very, very sorry when this evening during the meal I have would ask Lin to hang up for a moment and promised to call her back half an hour later. And up to this moment I am not able to contact her again. What wrong with the telephone? Or with her?
It was a tiring day but amusing and delightful one. With Yul and Ang we went taking a walk round the town of Utrecht. Coincidently Edu had to go to Utrecht for his BBK gathering, so he took us with him.
Vredenburg, de markt, Oudegracht, Vismarkt, Domtoren which 112 m height, Nieuwegracht, Catharijneconvent, Spoorwegmuseum, Malisingel.
I just follow the instruction on the website of wandelpaden.

And after such a long day, while having the simple dinner that prepared by Piet, by that very time Lin rang me. Hopefully tomorrow I shall not get bad news.

How does the exhibit look like?

This afternoon I met Adri by accidently before the coffee. How does our exhibition look like? "It's okay, not one of the pictures gets off from its place. You need not to worry about." Although I've done my best, actually I'm not satisfied with it. What I wish to be there, aren't there. And everything that now there is, has nothing to deal with our congregations work. Now I only talk about the Indonesian department of the exhibition. Wayang pops, fancy umbrellas of Tasik, copper or tin houses, Balines sculptures. However, not-good is better than nothing.

felicitation card

There are three brothers who celebrate their jubileum this year. I have just finished making felicitation cards for Adri, Grigion and Edward. I use the picture of our backside house as the background, with combination Park Avenue and Nuptialscript letters. It looks reasonable good in its A5 format.

one day in Tilburg

Yesterday I went to the funeral of Pater Secundus Cap. - or René van Donzel, who since 1951 worked in West Kalimantan. He reached 80 years and was buried in Tilburg. It was rainy, and really a worthy solemn ceremony. Beside some sisters of Veghel, ex-missionaris, unexpectedly I met "Y" a young lady, born in Kudus and her sister is Dr. Lucia of Pati. I also met Bernadeth the sister of P. Pasificus of Singkawang. She lives in Hengelo with her husband and children. I wish I could get some information over Irene the president of KKI in Tilburg.


Seusai nonton film "bagus", kita menceritakannya kepada teman-temen, entah ekspilist atau implisit menganjurnya untuk menonton juga. Dan kita bilang itu bukan "iklan" serta tak dibayar oleh produsernya atau pemilik bioskop. We call it, however, to share the life. O my the have-not fellows, how lucky you’re, because you share yours each other.

Early this morning

Early this morning I got sms from Made telling me that I had succesfully encouraged her, that she is thankful for having the consolation. I tell you, friends, the truly consolation could only come from God the Only Good Reliable Provider.


B u m i

aku bumi selalu membumi
tidak aku terbang ke langit tinggi
aku bumi selalu membuka diri
hujan langit kusadap berseri
rembesan kali menyusup geli pori-pori
limbah pabrik banci kunikmati

aku bumi selalu membumi
tidak aku membungkus diri
pupuk kandang mana tidak berpulang padaku
juga kencingmu juga tahimu

aku bumi-mu kunanti muntah-bau anakmu
tak kan lari dariku mayat busukmu
walau tak pernah kau rindukan aku

aku bumi segala
tak kan aku muntahkan segala sampah dan limbah
segala busuk berdamai di dalam aku
lalu mereka menjadi baru

nikmatilah ramuanku padi - jagung - atau sagu
pisang - apel - atau jambu
sampahmu kubayar dengan makananmu

rindu sahabat

Rindu Sahabat

Rinduku adalah bayu
meninggalkan dingin puncak bukit
melompat tebing menyusur lembah
mencari wajah nir-nama

Muram diam daun akasia
undangan singgah
Kugelitik dia dan gemerisiklah ia
mengebaskan rantingnya

Serentak tercipta simponi lembah
Pipit coklat melompat-lompat

Sang bayu telah berjumpa
hangatnya lembah
Rinduku menguap sudah

ganti teks

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .